SIWO Global News 21st October 2018 #188

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Refugees From Central America Cross By River Into Mexico

The ‘caravan’ of five thousand of refugees are mostly from Honduras but some are from other Central American countries.  They say for security, safety, economic reasons and and for their aspirations for the future, they are going on the long walk from the border town of Tapachula in South Mexico to reach United States of America.  The army in Mexico were not able to stop them  at the border with Guatemala.  Some refugees have managed to cross the Suchiate River officially by the bridge.  These desperate people after waiting too long to get across the border officially, they take to raft, canoe, swimming or wading across the river in full view of of the Mexican border control.  When passing towns and villages on the outskirts of the border towns, kind residents are giving the refugees food and clothing.  President Trump continues to tweet and speak about stopping the refugees.

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“One Kind Word Can Warm Three Winter Months”     Japanese Proverb


Content-  BBC News

SIWO Reporter: Susanna Dziworshie

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