Success takes time

Success, like riches,
Does not come at a go;
Success takes time;
It comes slowly;
It travels gradually;
You have to try and try;
Falling many times;
Often, discouraged;
At times frustrated;
Yet, fighting on
Fighting hard;
When the desired results
Do not come
You don’t despair;
That is normal in life;
It is not usually
The first knock
That shatters the stone;
At times, you hit and hit,
And no sign at all
To give you hope;
But that does not mean
You should give up;
You have to keep on
You have to keep on
Digging the hole
In the hope of hitting
The oil well
You are seeking;
And what happens is,
Soon it happens;
And you become rich
For life;
That is the way of success.


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