An area where we have experienced growth in our marriage

An area where we have experienced growth in our marriage is in the way we talk to each other.

Before our wedding, we usually said loving things to each other and in loving ways.

After marriage, that went for sometime and began to change. Before we could know it, we were speaking and responding to each other in rather unfriendly ways. At times, instead of talking with love, it was shouting or retorting. This affected our relationship. We found it difficult to use endearing words to each other as before.

Through dialogue we were able to identify lack of love and cordiality in speaking to each other as a source of stress in our relationship. We then took a responsible decision to mind what we said to each other and how we said it.

We have done our best to respect our engagement. The result has been more love between us and greater joy for both of us.

The mouth is a powerful instrument for communication given to us by our creator for our good; but it can also be very dangerous if not used to good purpose.

It is important to mind the way we talk to each other in marriage. We need to use endearing words not antagonistic language.

We are thankful to God for helping us discover in good time that the way we communicate to each other can make or mar our marriage.

Have you experienced problems in your marriage because of the way you talk to your spouse or the way your spouse talks to you? If so, have you done any thing about it? What responsible decision are you ready to take about how to talk to your spouse?

We love you!

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