Beware of fake news!

You must shun Fake news;
Beware of fake news!
Fake news doesn’t build,
Fake news destroys;
You never win by telling lies;
Stop trying to find your way
Through fake news;
With fake news, you lose;
You may appear to win
Through manipulation,
Which is fake news;
But in reality you lose;
A plane conveying fake news,
Is sure to crash-land;
Beware of fake news!
It is as dangerous as
A hungry lion.
Stop spreading fake news;
Let’s stop this culture
Of fake news we are building;
With fake news all over
The place,
We build on a sandy foundation;
Fake news is sand;
And edifice build on
Fake news will crumble
Some day.
Block the way to fake news
In our land.


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