Challenged as a couple

My most lovely, dear one,
I have some questions for you
Concerning our matrimonial life;
Why is our marriage
So stormy;
Why can’t we enjoy
Conjugal peace
As I see others doing?
Why must there be tension
Between us all the times?
Must we disagree on
Every issue?
It looks like when I take
A stand
You must take the opposite;
Must this be so between
Husband and wife?
Can’t we agree on marital issues?
Why so many domestic squabbles?
This worries me;
We are supposed to be
The best of friends
As husband and wife,
But see what we are;
Rivals instead;
Why are we like competing
Instead of cooperating
And complementing each other?
We have made our home a boxing ring,
And we both are the boxers;
Are we out to see who can box better? Where did our love escape to?
I get worried
Because of how we are
As husband and wife.
And thought to let you know
How I feel;
Lots of red light signals
When it comes to us;
It is time to pay attention
To us;
Our relationship
Is no longer our priority
As it used to be;
And as it ought to be;
Can’t you see that we are
Slipping down
A bottomless pit?
We are challenged as a couple
To sit up
And respect our marital vows;
The vows we took before
God and man:
We are bound to respect them.
I look forward to a new era
In our love;
Take this seriously,
Unless you want to see our love
In pieces, instead of one piece.
Your ever lovely spouse.



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