Dear loving child

Dear loving child,
It gives me great joy
To write this letter
To you;
I like you to know
That I care;
That you are the center
Of my life;
Knowing that you are
Gives me great joy;
It is so sweet
That you are doing
So well;
I say a big “bravo” to you.
My prayer is, forward ever;
Backward, never.
May you be the light
That shines in this dark
World in which we live;
Light up
All the world around you;
And why not far beyond?
Make sure you carry
God as your armor
Wherever you go.
Go to bed with a prayer

On your lips;
And get up with a prayer;
Pray a lot;
As the Bible commands,
Pray without ceasing;
We will keep on praying
For you;
That the angels of God
May surround you
As you go in and out,
As you come out in the day,
And turn in at night;
May the angels take care
Of all your needs!
And protect you
From the dirty plans
Of the evil one!
Stay well
And know that we love you.
Your loving dad.


7 thoughts on “Dear loving child

  1. I love this too … it’s beautiful and it’s reminded me to ring my boys tomorrow and stop worrying about them, but instead to help to guide them to be the best that they can be. Thank you for the reminder that I will always be a parent. Katie x

  2. Love this. I tried all that you’ve talked about and was extremely proud of my only child. Unfortunately, she disappeared with a moron and drugs. Am I proud now? Yes! I’m proud that I raised a daughter who was doing well until this idiot came along and into her life. I managed to scrape and save and put her through university to getting a degree but, she threw it all away for a waste of O2. Blessings to you for writing such a beautiful piece. That’s how I felt to a tee.

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