Don’t sell after the market!

“Prudence is good but don’t be slow in the name of being prudent. It is good to be smart and fast; and if you make a mistake, you correct it and continue. If you are slow because you want to be prudent, you may arrive when the market is over which is what we call selling after the market.” (Romilia Quotes)


10 thoughts on “Don’t sell after the market!

            1. I do understand you. You will come out of that. Many people were like you but came out of it. Being conscious if this is a very good start. It is left to you to take steps to come out of it. The first step is to resolve to put an end to this habit. Once you take the decision, you then begin to search for ways to achieve it. There is so much help on the web which people have spent years to put together. Search for it and you will find. I am looking forward to hearing that you have solved the problem. Blessings to you.


                1. Thanks Katie. I am proud of people like you who know where they need help to live more fulfilling lives and are strong enough to talk about it to others. I will pray for you, that your worry may become the gate way to the discovery and use of your greatest strength to lift you to the peak of God’s plan for you.


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