My stand on success

Yes, success is hard
To come,
But still, many succeed,
I will succeed as well;
I am determined.
Yes, not all will succeed,
Some will succeed,
Some will not;
I will be among those
Who will succeed.
That is a resolution.
Yes, success does not come
In one day,
I don’t expect my success
To come in one day;
I am human like others;
I will give my success time
To germinate, grow,
And bear abundant fruit;
Yes, you must work hard
To succeed;
I will work hard
Because I want to succeed.
There’s no turning back
On this.
This is where I stand
On success.
You can’t fold your arms
And succeed;
Or only complain your way
To success;
Or can you?
If you are complaining
Be working.
If you admire those who
Have succeeded,
Emulate them.
No success without work;
No success without the
Determination to succeed.


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