What God said to me today

opened bible on wooden surfaca
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

This is what God said to me today
To tell you;
God asked me to tell you all will be well;
That you must have no fear;
That you should trust him;
Because he will never fail you;
He said I should tell you
There is no reason to doubt;
That you should put doubt behind
And march on with confidence;
He actually spoke to me loudly and clearly;
His voice was distinct;
And no way to miss his message;
Or better still, his instructions;
I know you may be wondering
If I have gone crackers;
Not at all;
God speaks to me everyday
As he speaks to you;
If you don’t hear him,
That’s your fault, I hear him;
He speaks to me through his word
In His Holy Book, the Bible.
And so clearly he speaks to me;
What I have told you
Is what he asked me to tell you.
Be confident,
Have faith;
Do not doubt;
He is there to see you through.


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