How full is your love tank

How full is your love tank?
Half full?
Full to the brim?
Overflowing ?
Or empty?
Some love tanks are full
And overflowing;
Some are only half full;
Some are empty;
Take note:
Your love tank is full
Or empty depending on you;
It is only as full as
You make it;
A love tank cannot be full
On its own
All the couples you admire
Took time, or take time,
To fill their love tank;
They take time
To fan the fire of their love
And keep it burning.
You are challenged
To do same;
Do not allow your love to chance;
It will be swept off its feet
By the vicissitudes if life;
The heavy blows if marriage
Will knock it down;
Work hard to keep the fire Of love burning
In your marriage;
Work hard to fill your love tank
To overflowing.


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