Praise and appreciation in our marriage

Praise and appreciation can do magic in your marriage. We like to share on what praise and appreciation have done for us as husband and wife:

EMI: Love is like a fire. When we add fuel to fire or fan it, it not only keeps on burning, but also it burns brighter. If we do not add fuel or if we do not fan it, it will stop burning and may quench completely. In the same way, if, if we add fuel to our love, or we fan it, it will burn brighter. If we neglect it and do not add fuel, or do not fan it, it will become cold. It may even quench altogether.

ROMA: Emi and I try to keep our love for each other burning every day. By keeping our love burning, we are keeping our marriage going. We keep our love and marriage burning by using every opportunity to express our love to each other. We do not take our love or marriage for granted. We do not also express our love for each other only in a long while. We do so as often as we can. We try to turn everyday events into a celebration of our love and marriage. It is not an easy thing to do, but we are committed to it in an endeavor to bring excellence into our marriage.

EMI: Roma and I have found that praise and appreciation are excellent fuel for love. They keep our love burning.

ROMA: Everyone likes to be praised and appreciated. Mother Teresa once said, “There is more hunger for love and appreciation in the world than for bread.” This is true about life in general and love, marriage or couple relationship in particular. The art of praise and appreciation is very important in marriage.

EMI: When I praise and appreciate Roma and show him that I love and appreciate him, he will love and appreciate me more. When he praises and appreciates me, I am happy and this way our love is on top. Our marriage also is on top.

ROMA: When I used to take the effort that EMI was making in our relationship or marriage for granted, she was not happy and our marriage suffered. I quickly learned my lesson and started praising and appreciating her effort and sacrifices.

EMI: Our love responds better to approval, appreciation and praise than to harsh words, criticism, and blame. From time to time, unfortunately, I still throw hard words and blame at Roma. He usually reminds me that harsh words and blame do not help our relationship. I keep learning fast to replace blame and criticism with praise and appreciation. If I must blame, I choose my words very carefully so that they don’t hurt. It demands effort and commitment to our relationship.

ROMA: I feel happy, confident and special when Emilia praises and appreciates me. I find her more lovely and I want her in my life until death do us part.

EMI: In our next sharing we will go further to talk of different ways to praise and appreciate and how we are using them in our marriage.

ROMA: Take these words of Charles Schwab: “I have yet to find a man, however exalted in his station, who did not do better work and put forth greater effort under a spirit of approval than under a spirit of criticism. ”

EMI: What is your experience with praise and appreciation in your marriage? Do you praise and appreciate your spouse? Do you receive enough praise and appreciation from your spouse?

BOTH: We love you all.


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