SIWO Global News 23rd October 2018 # 190

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American Mid-Term Elections

Donald Trump says he is a nationalist and attacked ‘globalists’ when he spoke to his supporters at a rally in Texas.  He accused the migrants on the long walk to the US border of “an assault on our country.”  Trump has been going round on his populist campaign to encourage people to vote to keep Republican majority in the Senate and stop the Democrats holding on to the House.  The President has now associated himself with the right-wing political ideology behind his now famous saying, “make America great again.”   The crowd chanted, “USA USA” as he urged them on, “use that word, use that word.  He made sure to point to Democrats as anti-American, blaming them for the crisis on the border, for the caravan of 72,000 people from Honduras because they are behind it.  He claims criminal gangs from South American countries and ‘Middle Eastern’ people have joined the group.  The President was in Texas to support his former rival in the 2016 presidential elections.

Canada Has Made UK’s Hi-tech Warship Their Vessel Of Choice In A £35 Billion Deal

The Royal Canadian Navy is set to buy 15 hi-tech warship British Type 26 Frigate to make the backbone of their fleet.  Australia was first to buy 9 of the frigates, however the UK’s government has been delaying its decision on how many to buy.  The design  was generated from a concept that began on a drawing board, where there was collaboration with the designer who had been involved building the Navy’s new aircraft carrier.

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Contents- Evening Standard

SIWO Reporter: Susanna Dziworshie

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