What is best to conquer?

If you take delight
In conquering,
Let me tell you
What’s best to conquer;
And what not to conquer;
And what’s best to come.
Don’t conquer women,
Some men spend their lives
Conquering women;
That is not what
You should conquer.
Don’t conquer men;
Can you guess?
Millions of women are out
Today trying to
Conquer men;
Another bad choice
Of what to conquer.
Don’t conquer money;
Money may not be bad
But can be dangerous;
Before you open your eyes,
You are in ruins;
If it is not how you
Search for it,
That ruins you,
It is how you use it.
Don’t conquer power.
Power corrupts;
And can destroy you
Faster than you imagine.
If you must conquer power,
Be careful how you do it,
Lest you burn your fingers.
Don’t conquer fame;
Or stardom;
Conquer hearts;
Conquer people with love;
God wants us to conquer
The world with love;
Conquer the hearts
Of fellow human beings
Not for selfish reasons
But for selfless reasons.
Conquer the heart of God.


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