Where are you O God?

Where are you O God?
Are you missing in action?
When we need you most?
We talk to you;
We cry to you;
We shout out for help;
But get no answer;
Where are you to answer us?
See how we are suffering;
Many are sick;
Many are hungry;
Many are dying;
Where are you?
Don’t you hear us?
Aren’t we loud enough?
Where are you, Lord?
All of us will perish
If you don’t rescue us;
We are in tears;
Our hearts are bleeding
With sorrow.
And it’s only to you
That we can turn.
You are our only hope,
As you have promised
In your Written Word;
We count on you
Our eyes are on you.
You are our only hope.
Do not abandon us
In the middle of the ocean.
Rescue us O Lord!
Make yourself available to us.


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