☘️ ~ #SIWOPC Results ~ ☘️

Hey everyone!! 🌸

We hope November is treating you well ☘️

First, thank you for taking part in the contest very energetically with your lovely and inspiring works !! We heartily thanks every contestant who took time to share their masterpieces. The theme was “My Dream Life ” ❤🍥🍥🍥🍥

We got a lot of entries and the competition was real tough. Here are the winners :

☘️ First winner : Jasmeet Singh

Poem :

The life of which I dream is not just a delusion,

of all the possible things, it’s a fusion,

a lush green place, enchanted with the sound of flowing water,

composed of a big or small, but an owned shelter,

a job that may bring joy or despair,

all that matters is that it should spare,

enough time to spend with the family,

with a money earned in large or scantily,

With a greed of a little more time,

so that I can write another rhyme,

to pursue my passion, to avoid any repent,

to take it to a level, where it can even pay any rent,

all of this, to be a part of a world,

that unfurls all the good things twirled,

at least no more hunger, no scarcity of fresh water,

Reduced pollution and a beautiful weather,

no more corruption, no more wars,

a world wherein people can travel with ease, even in cars,

to cherish and learn the cultures, of which others are proud,

shattering the hate for anything, with nothing to shroud,

A good healthcare, that adorns my dream,

with the inevitable diseases, being crushed like whipped cream,

right to study, where is a mandated law,

so that children can help this beautiful world, get rid of any flaw,

to carry forward my dream to a place,

where it is no longer a dream, but a case,

With a strong urge, I again repeat,

this is not impossible, but a retreat,

for all of us to conquer, what all is distasteful,

to shatter it to the core, to bring out the beautiful.


☘️ First runner up : Marie Abanga

Poem :

Please let me be

for the world

Please let me be queer

let me be queer it’s my life

be all the regular I don’t care

Please let me be a misfit

I am done trying to fit

You can do all the fit in I don’t care

I come from a broken home

I now lead a broken home

keep your fixed home

He cries mama

she teased my papa is gay

And so what I ask?

gay means happy

why be any judge?

and then go to church?

sing unconditional love

and love so conditionally?

They call me a rascal because I love pascal

he is such a friend

we trust each other so

sinners you say?

who did HE come for?

Winners they who followed HIM

Shabby may be the dress code

merry the constant mode

you can care for your body

I’ll care for my mind

I envy you not

spare your nod

Please let me be.


☘️ Second Runner-up : Ken

Poem :

Above the city, hung the moon,
Colourful spots on ground
Where flowers and orchard-trees were fenced
With lofty walls around

Below the city I abide
Where fight for shelter
Under these machine toys
Was the pride above my shoulder

Filled in my prayers
Was the day to be accepted
By a passerby
Under the moon
Under my pride
Under my tent
That came to past

🌸 Seeing the amazing entries that we got, we decided to give a Bonus Award for the poet who’s work was quite off the theme but was unique and engaging . 🌸

☘️ Bonus Award : Vaibhav Bhatnagar

Poem :

Hurt used to come
to me,
in waves.
Leaving behind,
the half tide
of a high.
Trading with me
a friend,
sometimes a lover.
Sometimes, both.

But now,
Hurt is like a lake-
Strangely still,
a few ripples.
Ripples of
Hollow smiles
Empty dreams.

Hurt is now felt
with my every breath.
Its heaviness
crushing all
I’d ever treasured;
For hurt has now
Sewed its cocoon,
Found its haven-
Deep in my heart.

~ safe haven

🌸🌸 Congratulations!!! 🌸🌸

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