A great obstacle to marital harmony

We all like to have harmony in our marriage, don’t we? I guess we all do.

Unfortunately, harmony is a far cry for many couples. There are many reasons. I will talk about one: blaming.

I have seen how blaming has turned a very happy marriage around into a sad one. My own marriage runs into difficulties from time to time with blaming. Luckily, we have become aware of this evil and are working on eliminating it.

If you blame your spouse for every thing under the sun that is not working well in your marriage, you are not helping your relationship.

If your spouse blames you for everything that does not work out well, I can bet you do not have happiness in your marriage.

Blame makes the blamed one feel responsible for whatever does not go well. And usually people do not like to be seen as being the cause of what goes wrong.

Blaming generates bitterness. And bitterness in many cases leads to squabbles and fights.

Instead of blaming your spouse and creating stress or violence in your relationship, start to praise and appreciate.

Your spouse is making an enormous contribution to the well being of your family and expects this to be greeted with praise and appreciation not blame and condemnation.

If blaming and condemning your spouse is your stock-in- trade, do something about it. Each time you feel the urge to blame your spouse for anything, make a deliberate effort to turn it around or transform it into praise and appreciation.


Can you think of a day when blame and condemnation spoiled your day? What happened? And how did you handle it?


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