Keep going for the best

Keep going for the best;
Never go for anything short;
Never be discouraged;
Never say it cannot happen;
Of course, it can happen;
I believe it will happen for you.
I have seen things happen;
I have seen miracles occur;
I have seen weak people
Transformed into strong people;
I have seen the poor turned rich;
I have seen the down trodden
Raised to unimagined heights;
I have seen people with no hope,
Given hope and sky rocketed
To great heights;
I have seen people who lost
But found back their way;
Miracles have happened;
And will continue to happen
Things have happened under
My own very eyes.
As you are looking for the best,
The best is looking for You.
That is the wonderful thing about life.
Keep going for the best.
The best will keep coming to you.


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