Are you a SIWOAN? Join SIWO International

If you have a good heart towards others, you are a SIWOAN;

If you want to see good prevail in the world, you are a SIWOAN;

If you would like to see the world an excellent place for all to enjoy, you are a SIWOAN;

If you deny discrimination in any form, anywhere in the world, you are a SIWOAN;

If you believe that with love, inspiration, motivation, and encouragement we can change the world then you are a SIWOAN.

A SIWOAN is someone who belongs to the SIWO International community.

SIWO International is an organization of people from all over the world who believe in love without boundaries; who commit to work for an excellent world through sharing their blessing of boundless love.

We do this by inspiring, motivating, encouraging and supporting people every where to bring out the best in them.

SIWO International is open to all.

You can join by following this site and actively spreading and promoting love, hope, kindness, faith, confidence, unity, harmony, justice and other universal values for an excellent world.

Welcome to SIWO International!


Join the SIWO International team of authors. Forward your request to

SIWO International


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