From ‘X-Men’ to ‘Spider-Man’: 35 of Stan Lee’s Most Memorable Cameos

RIP to Stan Lee and thank you for the Marvel Creations ….


Stan Lee is known not only for his celebrated superheroes but also for his creative cameos in various Marvel films and TV shows. From a mailman to a security guard, Lee has played a small role in nearly every one of the Marvel films between 1989 and 2017.

For years, fans have debated whether Lee’s 15 seconds of fame are just for fun or if they hold a greater significance to the Marvel franchise. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 supports a fan theory that Lee’s background roles actually have a bigger meaning in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In the movie, Lee can be seen talking with cosmic beings called Watchers, on a barren planet about his time as a delivery man on Earth. It turns out, Stan Lee has been playing the same character in all of his movies, and may even be a Watcher

  • The Trial of…

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