So, I’m going to wait to have sex until I feel more connected to my husband… WHAT????

Excellent post.

adults-barefoot-bed-1246960I have had a number of conversations with married Christian women that begin, ” My husband is depressed.” Then as the chat progresses I may find out that the baby either sleeps in the parents’ bed or doesn’t sleep at all and they are exhausted. Somewhere towards the end they will say something like, “We haven’t had sex for a year or more. My husband used to be keen but I was not ready because… (insert baby related reason here). Now I’m keen but he’s too distant. We’re no longer connected. So I’m just going to wait till we feel connected again!”

I had one of these conversations the other day and I could have screamed my frustration, This is too common!

I could see it; two broken halves of a whole wooden drumstick lying on the workbench. I could see the wide gaping space between the two pieces. I…

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