If I am alive

If I am alive today O God,
It is thanks to you alone;
Many dangers surround me;
Many troubles, I have faced;
Many have fallen on the way;
And many more are falling;
But here I am safe and sound;
You have protected me
From the hands of the evil one;
You have kept me safe;
And not because I am better than
Those who have fallen;
I am not;
I am your unworthy servant;
It is by your grace alone;
And you alone know why this favor;
Thus, with all my heart, O God,
I thank you and worship you;
Accept my humble gratitude;
My modest words of appreciation;
I praise your holy name;
My humble words of thanks,
Are nothing compared
To your love for me
Which is immense, and beyond understanding.
Thank you for keeping me alive
Despite my unworthiness.


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