We are happy how this competition turned out… This was also an opportunity for us to know new people with amazing talents… And we are looking forward to know so many more…Thanks for participating in SIWO Poetry Contest 😊😊 Stay tuned for another competition soon.. ❤❤

There was one more entry which we thought was deserved to be seen by all of you.


Moonlit Dream Dancer
In the blushing blue twilight
A full moon suddenly emerges,
Scrubbing clean the heaped and lunar kissed cloud tops,
Removing the disguise of the dying day.
Brooding black cloud now
Shredded apart by sultry off shore breezes;
Keening zephyr winds rise, ripping open the clouds, revealing
Oh that round, shining cool, coy moon
Surrounded by ebullient stars!
She emerges
Unadorned, unblemished, shameless beauty,
A jewel of brilliant seas and shades
Dancing in the sky in this dream from far across waving oceans.

In my daydream
She shines silently, remotely, incomplete.
Yet now she is emerging.
Beauty in motion
Silently beckoning,
Bone white brilliance,
Pivoting on a passing cloud
Just close enough to guild its edges,
Framed and freed again by the reopening ink of night,
Her light now outshining her surrounding stars.

I gaze at her sublime light shining in my mind from afar
And paint her tranquil gaze
With colour and the untranslatable sound of dreams;
Suddenly she becomes
Crimson and gold and silver sash
Ebony and ruby and sapphire
Berry brown arms
Nimble palms open
Arched wrists
Revel and rapture,
No longer just the moon.
In this dream
She is
A dancer

My moonlit dream dancer


One again we thanks to all of you who participated ❤❤we loved the enthusiasm and excitement this competition generated. 😍😍

Organising team

🌸 Preeti Gusain

🌸 Amulya Bhardwaj


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