A Witty Travel.. 🙂


DAY 70

He stood

Sunglasses on

The Revisited Shah Rukh of the Gham & Khushi

Immersed in: Where can I sit?..; 

She confidently steps her heels, knowing: This is where I’ll sit..;

The bluish, Hibiscus, lady bus controller

Being the show stopper brings it on

Our passes are checked and tickets, paid;

The show stopper’s interaction 

Steals the show;

She found a place for the big but little boy to her;

The boy stands still;

The little, big boy and another lady pause

Holding the handle for stability

While the wheels hit the asphalt;

The aisle through the seats rows 

Becomes the new ramp

Of plethora catwalks

As each looks for their preferred bus seat;

I sit close to the ‘ramp’

Being the observer audience member

As the bus drives us all to our common destination;

Our glances sweep across cement, the Moka-Port Louis range and sugar fields; 

We meditate…

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