Do Not Suffer Abuse In The Name Of Love

All girls should read this; and why not boys?

Damsels On Fire

“Do you think he loves you?”

This is the first question I would love to ask anyone who is a victim of abuse in a relationship. Anyone who is suffering and enduring abuse from someone she loves. Anyone who is quiet, not speaking up against what’s so inhuman just because of what they feel for their abusers.

Just this Wednesday, I was talking to some few girls I knew way back in my early teenage years. Coming from a society where abuse seems normal in relationships, especially dating or courtship, we had a lot to talk about on our WhatsApp platform.

You see, young ladies are suffering abuse from young guys in the name of the love. The sad thing is they see it as normal, as part of love. They are abused physically, verbally and sexually, and yet they see it as love. You see young beautiful girls with…

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