SIWO Global News 26th October 2018 #193

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New Trails Of Blood Packs By London Air Ambulance Could Cut Deaths

The Blood products is being trailed by the London Air Ambulance (LAA) and this could save 1000 lives a year, these are critically injured patients who bleed to death before reaching hospital.  The two-year study, which is a UK first will see seriously haemorrhaging episodes given blood transfusions, containing red blood cells and plasma, at the scene to help form clots.  This will also benefit the increasing numbers of shooting and stabbing victims, those who fall from a height or are in a road traffic accident  This could be rolled out to other areas. 

For the first time in its 30 year history the LAA has treated more victims of  violent crime (560) than people in crashes (533).  The crew can be applauded, in 2012 they became the first in the world to carry red blood cell packs, this helped to cut pre-hospital mortality rates from 34 to 19 per cent.  Dr Anne Weaver, consultant in pre-hospital care at LAA and clinical director of trauma at The Royal London Hospital, said; “The blood product will significantly improve the chances of survival for patients with severe blood loss, allowing them the chance to arrive in hospital.”

Female Suspect Arrested In Knife Attack On A Kindergarten In China

As the children were returning from morning exercise, they attacked and 14 of them received knife wounds.  They were treated at a hospital details of their injuries have not been released.  A woman of 39 has been arrested after the incident took place at Xinshiji Kindergarten on the outskirts of Chongquig District.

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Contents- Evening Standard 

SIWO Reporter: Susanna Dziworshie

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