Understanding your spouse in marriage

Understanding your spouse
Is primordial in marriage;
But it takes time to do so;
It does not come overnight;
Give yourself
Enough time to know
Your spouse;
It may take many years;
You may argue and quarrel
And fight;
Which is not encouraged;
But you must not give up
On each other;
Let it be clear:
The more you understand
Each other,
The better you relate;
A good understanding
Of your spouse
Makes for a good marriage;
And actually, wisdom demands
That you understand each other
Before you become a couple;
But it should not end there;
The endeavour to know
Each other,
And understand each other
Must be a marriage-long exercise.
When you understand each other
At the start,before marriage,
You build your marriage
On a solid foundation.
And an edifice
Built on a solid foundation
Has a rock to stand on;
Exactly what it takes to last.


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