Random wisdom thoughts

It hurts indeed;
When you are wrongly judged;
It hurts, indeed,
When you are unjustly condemned,
It hurts, indeed,
When justice is trampled upon;
Injustice is wicked;
Unfair treatment is unkind;
If you play double standards
You are a hypocrite;
Cheating is to be denounced;
Greed must be condemned
With all the force;
So too is vaulting ambition;
The golden rule has stood
The test of time;
If you don’t like something
Done to you,
Do not do it to another;
If it hurts you,
Know it may hurt another,
Therefore, stay clear of it.
Judge nothing superficially;
Go to the roots,
And have a clear understanding;
Then you can pass judgement;
Avoid going away with half information;
And if you must do,
Get the rest of the story
Before resolving on the matter.
Simple things matter;
Take note!
Remember these;
They will help you tomorrow.
Never stop learning;
You will gain wisdom.
And wisdom is better than gold.


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