You are the best version of you

If you are far from
The size you consider
If you do not enjoy
Good health
As you desire to have,
If you think
You don’t look
Beautiful or handsome
As you would love to be,
Always bear in mind
That God knows best;
You are the product of
His hands and mind;
And he does not create junk;
Everything he creates
Is excellent;
That includes you;
You are the best version
Of yourself
That he created;
What you may not like
About yourself
May just be what gives you
Great advantage over
Your fellow human beings.
You may think you are not
Beautiful or handsome,
Whereas there are people
Who adore you
Because of how beautiful or handsome they find you.
Take courage;
And be confident;
You have what it takes;
And you are not alone;
Your creator is with you.
Move with your head high;
You are inferior to none.
You are the best.


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