God always keeps his promises

Look up to God so good, so mighty.

He always keeps his promises. He has kept his promises to me this 2018.

He promised to defeat all my enemies in 2018.

He has kept that promise as none of my enemies has defeated me this 2018.

He promised me many blessings in 2018.

He has kept that promise. You only need to count my blessings to see.

As the year is running to an end, He has more promises for me which I am confident he will keep.

He has promises for you also.

He promises you prosperity. That you will have enough resources to enable you live a joyful life now and in 2019.

He promises to put an end to your suffering, to take away all your sorrows and to fill your life with joy.

As he never fails in his promises, there is no doubt he will keep these promises. But there is one condition – that you put your trust in him.

Are you ready?

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