We pray for an Excellent world

We pray for an excellent world.

That God may inspire all the loving people of the world to come together and work as one for a love world.

We pray,

That through the emission of positive thoughts, the spread of positive messages and the carrying out of good deeds, the good people of the world may make good overshadow evil and in the long run flush evil out of the world.

We pray

That SIWO International, which is passionate about bringing together as many loving people as possible in the entire world for this lofty dream, may accomplish its mission.

We pray

That the Lord may help us fill the world with positive vibrations, positive messages, love messages and above all, kind deeds.

We pray

That we may nourish our people’s minds and hearts with positive thoughts not negative thoughts; with good and not evil.

We pray

That the world may vibrate with love not hate. We don’t need a hate world; we need a love world.

We pray O Mighty God,

That ours may become a complete love world; an excellent world for all to enjoy.


6 thoughts on “We pray for an Excellent world

  1. Dont LOL me- you know how people are when it comes to the Holidays and non- holidays 😂😂😂- say Merry Christmas to the wrong person if you want end up in a whole debate


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