Your greatness is unstoppable

Do you know you are great?
Unless you are great,
You cannot make another great;
Indeed, you are great;
Though you may not be Recognized yet, as a great;
In any case,
Not to be recognized
As a great one,
Does not say
You are not great;
It only says
The time has not come
For you to be recognized;
Some saints are canonized
Hundreds of years
After their departure
From this sinful world
To the eternal world;
What a long time
For recognition to take!
Your recognition may come
When you are already gone
To the world beyond;
All the same,
It would have come.
You must continue
To do your best;
If you make it big,
One day,
In your lifetime,
Or after you,
Your greatness will be
I encourage you to go on
And do great things;
Make others great;
Your greatness cannot
Be stopped;
Neither can it be hidden
For ever.


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