Escape the rat race

Anxiety on my mind,

I can’t help but think about it,

All the time,

I sometimes feel like the letters,

Comes out of me in a line,

Always striving to be better,

Still I need a lot of time,

I won’t look behind,

In case you try to diss me,

I couldn’t rewind,

Why are you so mean all the time,

Forgetting that I need you,

I want you to be mine,

I don’t want to share you,

Let’s sit down and dine,

Just us two,

Chicken for dinner,

I think that I’m a winner,

My heart grows bigger,

Hoping to escape,

I’m a prisoner,

Take a deep breath,

I hope I’m not a sinner,

The anxiety tricks me to think I’m deaf,

I am not deaf,

I don’t want to be the one left,



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