God is there for you

God is there for you,
God will hold your hand;
God will protect you;
God will rescue you;
God will save you.
I see you in tears, my love;
I see you crying;
I see you are wailing so;
I know why you are in tears;
I know why you are crying;
I know how you feel;
I know how your heart beats;
I know your heart bleeds;
So many trouble have you,
So many sorrows hit you;
So much pain you know;
But let me assure you
All will be well with you.
All your troubles will end;
All your pains will be over;
All your suffering will stop;
You are serving a God
Who lives;
Who knows you;
Who ubderstands you perfectly;
Who knows when you hurt,
Who knows when to step in;
Who knows when to heal
Your wound;and wipe
Your tears;and hold
Your hand at the right time,
Have no doubt, he’ll come;
Have hope;
Have confidence in his love.
You are going to bed,or
You are getting out of bed,
You must turn to him;
You must hang on him;
You are his and he is for
You now and for ever.


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