I will seek the Lord

I will seek the Lord,
As you advise,
I will seek him with all
My heart;
I will stay in his company;
I will enjoy his love
And care;
Isn’t that what you just
Asked me to do?
I will do as you say:
I will obey;
‘Cause what you say is right;
I will wait for him
To invite me
To his banqueting table;
I got all your words;
And I am doing exactly
As you say.
Thanks for being the light,
And showing the way
That we may safely travel;
To eternal joy!

This has been written with inspiration from Feasting at the Kings table as his child by Hazel Straub published on Pure Glory blog. You may also like Surrender and Trust God.

2 thoughts on “I will seek the Lord

  1. Praise God for you seeking the Lord with all your heart! What a beautiful reply to my post. There is nothing like seeking the Lord, listening, obeying and enjoying his presence. Thank you so much. All the glory goes to The King who loves us so much! Abundant blessings of enjoying his presence!

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