God’s Gene is hidden within us

God’s gene is hidden within us

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Every Character is unique. Every Human Being is unique. Some Characters together make a Sentence. Some Sentences together make a Paragraph. Some Paragraphs together make a Story. Some small small Stories together make a Book. Similarly, some Human Beings together make a Family. Some Families together make a House. Some Houses together make a City. Some Cities together make a State. Some States together make a Country. Some Countries together make this World.

There are so many Books available in Market. These books are written by different Authors.

Are there so many Worlds available in this Universe ?Are the Worlds also created by different Creators ? There are different type of Creators.

Every Book has unique speciality. Similarly,every World has its own speciality. There is competition of popularity of the Books. Similarly, competition of performance exists among the Worlds.There are advertisement for selling the Books. Similarly, there are different type of Worship,’Puja’, Festivals for advertising the Worlds.  But these are not real advertisements. The real advertisements are -“Doing meditation”,”Serving for others”,”Doing positive thinking”,”Helping others”,”Being honest” etc.

If you keep your eyes open, you can see that human being are the reflection of God’s World as Books / TV serials are the reflection of our real story at least a little bit. We are the children of God. Godly nature is hidden within every human being. We have to enlighten this by purifying our mind, by honesty, by doing good for others. If we do so, we can touch, we can feel our Parents-God. God creates us and that is reason God’s gene is hidden within us. So, we should never become worried. Whenever, we will fall down, either God will catch us or He will show us the right path. Sometimes , you may think that things are not running in your favor. Don’t be worried. Actually God wants you to handle the situation. And that is the reason, sometimes it seems that God is not listening to our prayers. God wants us to be independent. God wants to enlighten the spark which is hidden in our heart.

Let us motivate ourselves in Positive thinking, in creative ideas, in doing good for others. Let us create a beautiful World. Let us walk together in a simple, honest path.

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God Bless !! 

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