Media role in creating an excellent world

The role that the media are called to play to build an excellent world is paramount.

But that role is not being played. In fact, the media are doing mostly the opposite of what they should do.

The impression you get when you listen to the news is that the world is bad because it is dominated by bad people.

This is negative reporting which is not good for the world.

Excessive negative reporting has invaded the media world.

We are so much taken along the path of the negative instead of the positive.

Such reporting gradually destroys the world.

The Media should report the so many good things happening in the world not the opposite.

By focusing so much on the negative, the media fill our minds with negative thoughts, which end up making us negative people.

Being negative people, we do negative things and pit ourselves against each other. Hence, the various conflicts and wars that rock the world taking away human lives and gradually destroying the world.

The media have an obligation to build not to destroy. And to build newsworthiness has to be redefined with primacy given to the positive.

Media work must end up filling human minds with the positive, and making people shun the negative.

This is indispensable for making the world an excellent place for all.


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