Handling differences in marriage

Many marriages are characterized by squabbles. Husband and wife are more or less permanently bickering. Peace between them is a far-fetched dream; violence the order of the day.

Marriage wrangling is commonplace.

What you need to know is that one of the main causes of difficulties in your marriage is your filters; the fact that you and your spouse come from different backgrounds.

None of you is a bad person. It is simply that different experiences have shaped your thinking and consequently your behavior.

As husband and wife, therefore, you are bound to have many differences. In some cases, deep differences.

You think your spouse should see things like you and your spouse thinks you should see things like them.

Since it is not easy for both of you to throw away ways which you have known all along to embrace those of the other, you find yourself clashing on very minute issues.

Some clashes start small but grow big and threaten the very survival of your marriage.

The solution lies in accepting and celebrating your differences. Know that you must be different in many ways whether you like it or not. This is the reality of all marriages.

Accept those ways of your spouse that are different from yours. Let them enrich rather than impoverish your marriage.

Of course, this is easier said than done. At times, you will feel anger welling up in you and you will feel like exploding.

This is where prayer comes in. Each time it happens, pray about it. God is ever ready to come to your aid.

Enjoy your marriage!


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