Modern social communication technology a real blessing to me

Many people find 
Modern social communication technology
a blessing
But not everybody finds it so;
To some, it is a curse, you can't believe;
Untold suffering it has brought them;
Whether blessing or curse,
It is here to stay.

Hear why it is a wonderful blessing
To me;
It is a blessing to me;
Thanks to it,
I met you;
And you are precious to me;
More precious than you are aware.
How would I ever have met you otherwise?
You are indeed, a treasure to me.
When engrossed
In writing to you,
Or reading from you,
All my worries or fears
And concerns
Are left behind;
And I get more joy out of life.

Yes, there is a negative side
Of this whole stuff.
We have to look for ways
To stop the mess it causes;
But all in all,
It is a gift far beyond compare;
Which we must use to good end;
And make the world
A sweet place for all.

Let us do our best with it;
And make the world an excellent place;
With this formidable tool.
Sure, we can.


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