Triumphantly emerge!

I am standing on my stairway
To success,
And I see a chain of challenges
Lined up ahead of me;
I know from that, I have work
To do;
And rather than intimidate me,
These challenges motivate me;
I will go on and face them;
Like the great souls before me,
Who did exactly the same;
They met challenges on their way;
But never allowed any of them
To stop their march ahead;
They did not shy away;
Or allow themselves to be
By challenges whatever they were;
They mustered courage
And plunged ahead;
To emerge victorious;
I will plunge into any obstacles
I find on my way;
I will throw all my eight on them;
And surely,
I will triumphantly emerge.
Call it determination if you like;
For that is what it is;
Determination; resolve;
Passion and commitment;
All bundled up and put in one bag.
Like me, I hope you face
Your challenges, squarely,
And triumphantly emerge.


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