What intrigues me about many couples

There’s something
That intrigues me about
Many couples;
I don’t know
If you fall among the
Spouses I want to talk about;
But I see it everywhere;
How can we be nicer
To people outside
Than to our spouse?
Outside the home,
We are angels
Back home we are lions;
Why can’t we be sweet
To our spouse
As we are to others?
That is the problem I see;
Who is now our best friend?
Our spouse or someone else?
Who is now our confidant?
See how we laugh
From jaw to jaw
With a stranger
But won’t smile with
Someone with whom we share
A common home;
A common room;
A common bed.
This, to be honest,
Intrigues me.
Don’t you see this?
When your spouse talks to you,
You retort;
When it’s someone outside,
You are happy;
You don’t address your spouse
But call someone who’s out to tap
Your resources your sweetheart.
Sweet outside, strange at home.
Do you get the point?


6 thoughts on “What intrigues me about many couples

  1. Very true! I think its because we mostly take our spouses and loved ones for granted. We know that they will always bear our behaviour while an outsider won’t. An outsider will get a bad impression about us and will tell few others about it. So we try to be our best with them.
    Though we value our loved ones the most, we mostly don’t express it.

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