If you are among those who question or doubt the existence of God, I advise you to think again.

Look at yourself and nature and ask: “Who created me? Who created the universe?” Then pray to your creator.

“Mighty Creator, you created me. If you can do something as complex as creating me, then you can hear me and do anything. If you can create the universe, there’s nothing you cannot do. Please, help me to believe in you. Amen!”

Yes, we are not the most powerful specie in existence. There’s a being more powerful than us. He is responsible for our coming into and our going from this world. He is a mystery. We can only know him to the extent that he reveals himself to us; and he did so to our ancestors and recorded it in the Holy Bible. He asked us to call him God in English and each language has their own name.

Of course, we humans are all different. Some people believe easily. Some take a while. Some never believe at all. As for me, I believe. What about you?

It is wise and prudent to believe.

I encourage you to believe.

Believe! You can do nothing on your own, without him. With him, all your plans, all your dreams are possible.


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