5 Common Money Mistakes People Make

Useful tips.

Arrest Your Debt

Avoid 5 common money mistakes people make!

People who struggle with money share similar money mistakes that can be avoided through intentional actions.  It’s about clearly seeing where you are and where you want to go.  Many of these money mistakes occur out of habit and often people don’t realize how significantly their day to day choices are affecting them financially.  Most of us make plenty of money, but we spend too much on junk!  Read below for 5 common money mistakes people make on a daily basis.

1. Most People Don’t See The Value Of A Budget

Save your finances with a budget!

I know I’m pounding this into your head, but seriously – how do you manage your money effectively without a budget?  You have a calendar to manage your time, you have a recap system at work to show how productive you are, why would you not manage your money in the same fashion?  I promise you, budgets are not…

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