In love more than ever

If you want to know
A prisoner of love,
That’s me;
I am in love as I have
Never been;
Prisoner of a sweetheart,
Who has not left my mind
Since I met her;
She is permanently stamped
In my heart;
I can’t spend a moment
Without thinking of her;
It’s hard to say why it is so.
I think of her
As if she were all
I could think about.
And no one is explaining to me
Why she has captured me
So strongly;
Making me such a prisoner;
How long this will last,
I have no idea;
Where it is taking me,
I just cannot say;
All I know is
I hear my heart beating
So fast for her.
And I know I am in love;
More than ever before.


2 thoughts on “In love more than ever

  1. Good morning dear, exquisite love within the heart and soul, capture his heart to make him feels protect and secure him , all he need was true love to hold his hand, fragrance of roses which last forever for both. My little poem🌹sks

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