Reject unhealthy Competition

Don’t look at what others
Are doing
Unless it is to draw
Inspiration from it;
If it is for inspiration,
That is fine
And encouraged;
But if it is to compare
And compete,
I have some qualms.
Of course, I believe
In healthy competition;
Anything outside that,
Like rivalry,
Wanting to outshine others;
Trying to undercut,
I do not support;
Comparing and competing
In an unhealthy way
Has been known to cause
Serious disaster
Like taking away lives;
Because it leads to envy;
And all that goes with
Such unhealthy emotions.
So, I come on strongly
To say, no comparison,
Unhealthy competition;
In fact, don’t look
At what others are doing;
Motivated by the desire
To beat them,
Look what you’re doing,
And work everyday
To beat your record of
The day before;
Reject unhealthy competition.


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