4 Reasons many marriages shatter

There are many reasons many marriages end on the rocks, or many marriages shatter. Let us take four:_

1. Different filters: Husband and wife have different backgrounds and are bound to see many things differently.

2. Many couples get into marriage without being equipped to succeed in it. Hence, they do trial and error and as a result they make many mistakes.

3.Many couples think their marriage should succeed on its own. They do not work for it to it succeed.

4. Many couples depend on themselves for the success of their marriage. They fail to bring in their Senior partner who is God.
What is the solution?

  1. Know that you have different backgrounds and so should expect differences in thinking, attitude and behavior. Accept your spouse as they are.
  2. Equip yourself with the tools that are needed for the success of your marriage.
  3. Work on your marriage. Take action to ensure it succeeds. Don’t think it can succeed on its own.
  4. Bring God into your marriage. He is your Senior Partner. Get him involved. And each time you encounter difficulties, run to him for help or advice.

If you take these four steps, you will surely succeed in your marriage.

Happy Marriage!


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