If you start late

If you start your race late,
It won’t be impossible,
To reverse things;
I started my race late;
Many were ahead of me;
Some very far indeed;
I wasn’t discouraged;
I wasn’t intimidated;
Knowing my situation,
I took the challenge;
Determined to get the most
Out of myself;
Without waste of time,
I went to work;
And fought hard;
I fought like a lion;
Before long,I caught up;
And soon got into the lead;
See me waxing strong;
My spirits in the sky;
Whenever you start late,
When others are far ahead,
That should not at all
Bother or discourage you;
Don’t get upset,
Don’t lose composure;
Be yourself;
And work like a horse;
Fight like a lion
You will catch up;
Lost time regained;
You will make it;
Why not make it big?
You will make it very big.


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