Delicacies for the heart

Do other people’s words
Ever touch your heart
As they do mine?
When I receive compliments,
Or words of appreciation
From others, as I do often,
They get right to my heart.
I call them a delicacies
For the heart.
I recall with joy,
Some of these delicacies
From some lovely souls,
That fell in my ears
Like gentle showers
Of blessings
From the Most High God
In heaven.
What magical words indeed!
I felt elevated and motivated
To do more myself,
To generate beautiful words,
To warm and adorn the hearts
Of others.
You don’t know
What sweet words mean
To the human heart;
Sweet compliments are transforming.
The world is thirsty for
Words of beauty from human lips.
Roll them out whenever you can;
We need them to embellish
This lofty gift from our Master
Called the world;
They are beautiful flowers;
Sweet, soft, mellodious words; Compliments;
Delicacies for the heart.


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