Do you retort when your spouse says something you don’t like?

Dear loving couple,
What do you do,
When your spouse speaks
To you in a tone
You do not like?
Or says things which turn
You inside?
Do you retort?
That would be fire for fire;
Bazooka for bazooka;
That can only spark fire;
And worsen an already bad situation;
You have to avoid that;
It is true that your spouse
May say things that will
Infuriate you
And make your bile overflow
It’s banks;
But you have to be patient;
Exercise restrain;
And respond with love;
Try as hard as you can,
Not to respond to your spouse
In an angry tone;
If your spouse offers you
A litre of vinegar,
Offer, in return, a gallon
Of milk;
Love begets love.
Hate begets hate.
Fire will spark fire.
That is what we know,
Couples must take note.


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