In marriage, don’t be too sensitive

Your problem in marriage
May just be that
You get angry too easily;
That you are too touchy;
Too sensitive;
Maybe it suffices
For your spouse
To do just a minute thing
For you to be angry;
And once you are angry,
You say just anything
That comes to your mind,
You dump words
Carelessly on your spouse;
Maybe you are also too suspicious;
Always suspecting your spouse;
And when suspicion comes in,
Jealousy follows;
And jealousy can push you
To behave in ways that
Don’t help your relationship.
These may be some of the things
That make your marriage rocky;
Marriage can’t work with all this;
Have trust in your spouse;
And make yourself trustful also;
Watch out for unnecessary anger;
Don’t get angry at
Everything your spouse says
Or does;
And don’t be too sensitive;


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