Spider web

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Spider web is dusted,

I am not you,

I can’t take the feeling,

What are you,

So big yet so small,

Mouses run in fear,

I discourse,

What the spider says,

Are you afraid of me or not,

Inside I feel hot,

So I say why not,

The spider laughs and says,

You better run if you know you’re best,

I giggle and reply,

Do you want too know why,

Why what are you saying,

I am smiling and laughing,

Then I said,

We had a conversation,

Isn’t that amazing,

Why don’t we meet again,

Soon we can be friends,

The spider was afraid,

He looked at the damage,

that was already made,

How can I repay you for this insight of yours,

I said just be brave and discourse,


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